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Infinity Media is an independent Polish media house with expertise in planning and purchasing of all media: from television and radio through the press, internet and outdoor up to handling economic missions, fairs and conferences in Poland and abroad. Formed by people who have been involved with media and advertising market for years, the Infinity Media team has all the knowledge and tools necessary for effective planning of advertising campaigns in each of the media. Infinity Media has already been awarded twice in the ranking of M∓ (Media and Marketing Poland). In the summary for the year of 2014 and 2015 we ranked on first places among the largest media agencies.

As Walt Disney used to say: “To infinity and beyond!" See what we can guarantee you and what makes us exceptional among other media houses.

Oferujemy zintegrowane usługi z zakresu strategii 360 stopni oraz planowania i zakupu mediów. Specjalizujemy się w rozwiązaniach w mediach bezpośrednio wspierających sprzedaż, m.in.

Strategia i analiza

Telewizja i media offline

Mobile marketing

Planowanie i zakup mediów 360 stopni

Kampanie social media

Kampanie social media

Reklama Digital

Content marketing

Usługi PR na rynkach międzynarodowych

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Best scores

According to the "Advertising agencies and media houses" special report Infinity Media placed first in 7 from 14 categories and in 11 categories placed in the top three among the 33 assessed media houses. Infinity Media was highest rated in the following categories: "Satisfaction from cooperation with the media house", "Satisfaction with the research, analysis and strategy", "Would you recommend this house media to a friend", "Has an innovative approach to media planning", "Offers high quality in television planning", "Offers high quality in Internet planning" and "Understands the idea of integrated communication". In the following categories: "Satisfaction with planning", "Satisfaction with the purchase of the media", "Satisfaction with customer service" and "Has up-to-date knowledge on market" it ranked in the top three.

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